Who are The Insurance Business?

The Insurance Business are specialists in finding you the most suitable insurance for your needs. After assessing your needs we will recommend policies that are suited to your needs. We have a wide choice of products from our insurance partners, and source insurance that is competitively priced.

Where do you generate your quotes from?

We use the information you provide to obtain quotes from our insurance partners.

What services do you provide?

At The Insurance Business, we offer the full spectrum of business insurance and personal insurance products. We also offer landlords insurances. Elements included dependent on your requirements can be buildings cover, contents insurance, public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, employers liability insurance, business contents cover, stock cover, legal expenses cover, business interruption cover, tools and equipment cover.

Are you on the FCA register?

The Insurance Business is a trading name of TIB (SW) Limited which is an appointed representative of Momentum Broker Solutions Limited. Momentum Broker Solutions Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Is insurance cover a legal requirement?

You are legally required to have employers liability insurance if you employ one or more members of staff. All other insurances are not obligatory, however we believe it is imperative that all businesses protect the interests of both the business, clients and the public. Certain professions and business types must have particular insurances in place to cover their clients, for example a solicitor must have professional indemnity insurance.

How much public liability insurance do I need?

Depending on the amount of risk your business undertakes, your level of public liability should be determined appropriately. It is always prudent to check if there are industry standards or minimum requirements your clients will have before coming to a decision on how much cover you need. We can of course help with determining this.

How much professional indemnity insurance do I need?

This is very much dependent on your business type and there are always several choices; we recommend you assess this based upon what the cost to you may be if you were to potentially be negligent or provide incorrect advice. We believe it is best practice to work on "worst case" scenarios as you will then have peace of mind knowing you have adequate cover should anything go wrong in the future. Again, we are able to assist with assessing your needs.

How much employers liability insurance do I need?

Generally policies provide blanket cover of £10 million, however this can be tailored if you believe your neds are greater or lesser.

How much business interruption and/or loss of revenue cover do I need?

You will need to decide if, should your business be unable to operate, your business will need cashflow to keep the business running. This is very individual to each type of business and cover is provided for particular circumstances, and this is something best discusssed with one of out advisors in detail to ascertain your requirements and the cover available.

How much stock or cash cover do I need?

Stock and cash cover will help replace goods or cash from your business premises, should there be theft or damage, or even destroyed.

Do I need buildings insurance?

If you own your business premises, you will need cover to protect you in the event of damage to the building, whether this be through flooding, a vehicle colliding with your building, or any other form of damage. It is imprtant to note most if not all lenders will stipularte this as a condition of any secured lending. The cover is based upon the rebuild value of the structure. If you hold a lease for your business premises, check with the freeholder for details of buildings cover if any; some freeholders will build the cost of the cover into the rent, others will not and therefore will require that you arrange this.

How much contents cover do I need?

Necessary to protecting the possessions you hold within the premises, you should calculate the cost of replacing all of your work equipment, furniture, white goods and computer equipment to decide how much cover you need.

I haven't received a callback?

We will always endeavour to call you back within your preferred time slot. Our working hours are 9am to 7pm. If you request an out of hours call, we will do our utmost to contact you however on certain occasions, if we do not have out of hours cover, we will contact you within 24 hours.

What happens after I submit a quote request?

After you submit the information on our quote request forms, our dedicated team will provide quotes for you.

Who provides details of my policy cover?

We will provide your policy documents.

How can I access a quote later?

We will provide you with a reference number for use when calling to discuss quotes we have provided for you.

Who do I call if I have questions about a quote?

Please call our insurance advisors on 01173706274

What will my policy cover?

Your policy summary will outline the main cover, and your policy document will detail all of the individual cover that is included in your policy. Most insurers will provide you with a copy by email as well as post.

Where do I get my policy documents?

We will send your policy documents to you.

Who do I contact if I lose my policy documents?

You can contact us, we will be able to send out duplicate documents to you.

Who do I contact if I need extra cover?

Please contact The Insurance Business. We will review your existing cover and contact your insurers to amend the level of cover you need if they provide the additional services you need. If appropriate, we will also obtain new quotes for you.

When is my renewal date?

Your renewal date can be found on your policy document. The Insurance business will also keep a record of this, so you can contact us for this information too.

Will my insurance provider renew my policy automatically?

Your existing insurer will normally contact you 30 days prior to the renewal dae with a renewal quote. They will provide details of what to do if you wish to accept the quote, or cancel your cover with them.

Do I have to stay with the same provider?

You do not need to stay with your existing provider. We will provide you with new quotes, and you can make an informed decision on whether to remain with them or choose to move to a different provider.

Will you contact me with new quotes?

We will contact you approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to your renewal date to ascertain if your personal and business details and the business requirements are still the same. We will then provide you with new quotes in the 30 days before the renewal date and make recommendations based upon price and the level of cover. We will always take into consideration the existing providers quote, and provide you with impartial advice.

Why should I get new quotes?

With the rising cost of insurance year on year, and a consumer led market, it is wise to obtain comparative quotes to ensure you are getting the best value for your business and for your money. The cheapest cover isn't necessarily the best, equally the best cover isn't always the most expensive. We will review your needs and provide you with recommendations.

Can I cancel my policy ?

Please check the terms on your policy document for the insurers cancellation policy. In the first instance, we would suggest you call us and we will advise accordingly.

Who do I contact to cancel?

You can contact us if you wish to cancel a policy.

Who do I contact if I need to make a claim?

To make a claim please contact us. We will advise how to proceed with a claim.

Will a claim affect my renewal?

Claims may affect your renewal premium. The best way forward when renewing your insurance if you have made a claim in the duration of the cover is to get in touch with The Insurance Business. We will search the market to obtain competitive quotes for you.

Do you store my personal information?

Your information is protected under the Data Protection Act - we are registered with the Information Commissioner.

Will you put me on a marketing list?

As a rule we do not put you on any marketing list unless you have requested you are happy to receive marketing offers from us. If you have obtained a quote from us, we may contact you relating to that quote in future.

Do you share my personal information?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy.